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showing impact. cruise working to clear two separate wrecks. three lanes were blocked between gillman and central avenue. >> they should reopen as soon as accidents are moved. good evening, everybody. >> our other top story... >> the law should never privilege the rights of some citizens over those of others. >> former secretary of state visits the bay area to receive a honor from the american bar association but the guessing game over her political few stur getting most attention. will she, or won't she, run for president again? >> that is the question. a lot of speculation there. >> that is right. i mean, 2016 is stlil three years ago. most democrats and republicans are betting hillary clinton will make a second bid for the white house and the speech
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does nothing to dispell that notion. >> hillary clinton awarded the highest citation. this organization of the lawyers applauding what is described as her service to the cause of justice. >> clinton, a former lawyer, senator and secretary of state used the occasion to denounce the u.s. supreme court's decision that struck a blow to the 1965 voting rights act. she believes that will limit access for people of color and the poor. >> citizens will be disenfranchised, victimized by the law instead of served by it that. progress towards a more perfect union will go backwards instead of forward. >> clinton says this is the first in a series of speeches she views on crucial issues restoring faith in government.
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which increases speculation she may be laying ground work for a 2016 rez yil run. she's not talking about it, her supporters are. >> in iowa they held a forum called madam president. the founder of emerge america trains women to run for office. she worked with clinton for years. >> i think there is tremendous excitement about possibility of the candidate sismt i think it's pent up excitement. i think many of us are dying to see a woman president. it's just time. >> 20167 is years away. >> we've gone up against hillary before. i think we'd welcome an honest, open debate about her record and policies. we do find it dts concerting that a lot of groups are promoting her candidacy before
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this presidency owe over. >> next month there will be a speech and in november on america's global standings. certainly ways to keep yourself in the public eye. abc 7 news. >> carolyn, thank you. attorney general holder spoke at the same conference and setd nation's war on drugs is not working. and coming up at 6:30 reaction to his bold plan he's announcing to reform the criminal justice system. >> tonight the driver of a party bus involved in a crash near stanford campus overnight is facing dui and manslaughter charges. patrol says he was behind the veal that converted to a bus when careening down an enbankment. the driver walked away from the scene, officers detained
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him four hours later walking alongside the freeway. the passenger who died has not been identified. >> san jose police are still looking for the cause of a crash that killed two teenagers saturday evening. one 19-year-old died at the scene. three others suffered very serious injuries after their car hit a tree near snell avenue. family and friends gathered for a vigil at the scene last night. they placed candles and yimts on the ground to remember the victims. >> a 10-year-old antioch boy is recovering in the hospital tonight after being mauled by a pit bull yesterday. these are the pictures of hunter killborn from his hospital bed. that is where he underwent surgery after ak tack bid at least one dog during a visit to a neighbor's house to play video games. the attack happen whtd boys ran up stair autos on the right side of his face, the dog got him from here going
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down here and across his ear, half offñf> just awful. while she claims both takd her son police say only one appeared to have been involved. the other dog is still at home tonight. >> lots after pollings today over an incident at giants ballpark in a tweet that went viral. bart more orioles center fielder says someone threw a banana at him at the game and then, he tweeted bit. -- about it. >> the giants say anyone caught throw things onto the field can be ejected from the park and in this case as you said it was a banana. in europe this is a big problem in professional soccer there are many african players but here you rarely hear of something so insulting happening so when jones tweeted the story, well, it made national news. it happened in the 9th inning.
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jones hit a three-run homer off barry zito. ben juarez is a baseball coach at antioch high school sitting just right. >> i saw something on to the field, center field, he picked it up. maybe two minutes later, and dunked it over the fence. >> the season ticket holder says he doesn't know what it was that landed on the field but says jones looked irritated. >> he looked and shrugged a little bit. >> the center fielder said it was a banana he picked up. he tweeted i want to thank whatever person threw that ba in a towards my direction in last innings. way to show your las clags that. tweet generated more in another tweet he said i love how spem people are defending actions by someone today show
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us how you are, also, all good with me. the giants issued a statement apologizing to jones and the team. they say they investigates but we have been unable to identify the person responsible. late today he was contacted and said he threw the banana out on the field. and that he did it because he was upset at the giants loss. it was not directed at jones chbl the paper quoted him as saying it was not racially motivated in hind sight i wish i didn't do it. i apologize. i'm sorry. >> oakland police say they're not ready to release the name of a woman found during the search for a missing resident. searchers discovered a body near vacaville on friday looking for sandra coke last seen with an exconshe'd once
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dated. police call him a person of interest. he's being held on a parole violation. the family saying quote, our hearts are heavy to think she may not be coming home but we've been sustained throughout this ordeal by the outpouring of love, concern and prayers from all of us. >> a former special education teacher told a judge she did not physically abuse autistic students as prosecutors allege. shec0gñ pleaded not guilty in in court today, prosecutors contend she abused six students include something who are nonverbal. she is now on electronic court monitoring back in court on tuesday. >> a major victory tonight for the lesbian, gay, bisexual ask transgender community. students in california now allowed to go into any rest
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room and locker room they choose. nick smith is live tonight with the decision and ram ficks. >> there are 36,000 students oakland unified school district. governor brown introduced a class for students%d >> just as students prepared to return to school a bill aloud transgender students to participate in sports as well as use bathrooms based on gender identity opposed to sex at birth. >> for other stud skool districts that aren't to that point it heinz transgender students will be recognized as a protected class. >> giving transgender students rights as minorities and women, brown could have waited until tuesday to sign the bill but was encouraged by assemblyman amiano to do it now.
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>> this is going to ensure transgender kids are able to get an opportunity for an ed oox ab 1266 had critics some citing an example of liberalism run amuck. >> i think we need to be specific so there is no miss ms understanding and people don't take am this as an opportunity to deny people rights. >> ab 1266 is believed to be the first of its kind to spell out terms as a matter of law. >> governor brown signed into a law a bill to end what many people thought was unfair, unfair practices by cities. many cities believe vandalism and intentional jamming of meters might increase if broken meters weren't ticketed. motorists may now spark in spaces controlled by a broken meter for the maximum time but
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you still have to be careful because it doesn't go into affect until the first of the year. >> a major wildfire burning near lake tahoe. smoky skies and the problems that is causing for some in the area. >> and what is this called a hyper loop? >> warming trend underway. i'll show when to expect the peak of the heat in just a moment in my accu-weather forecast. >> thank you, spencer. later natural mosquito repellent? michael finney looks into the rumor an electric fan can protect you from being bitten. stay with us. abc 7 news
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a wildfire is growing tonight. the american fire consumed nearly 1200 acres in rugged terrain in z.canyons close to american river. water dropping helicopters have been doing the firefighting because the area is so remote. this fire started yesterday afternoon. the good news is that it's not threatening any buildings but it's creating some very smoky conditions for the gold country. placer county health department warning residents to limit time outdoor autos bart trains running but negotiations between management and the unions are at a stand still. yesterday a judge ordered a of 60 day cooling off period and contract negotiations between the agency and unions now there are no scheduled talks set. there is still possibility, too, that employees could
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strike after october 10th about both sides can't reach an agreement its fantastic and maybe even feasible. elan musk broke the mold proposing a form of transportation. >> decades from now this, may be highly collectable. whether the man backing it is elna musk... he has physical ability and insight to accomplish seemingly impossible task autos another, today proposing a system called hyper loop to connect cities. pods traveling on small cushions of compressed air through tubes in a near vacuum poweredly electrical motors and kinetic energy they'd travel at hundreds even thousands of miles per hour.
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>> it would feel like being in an airplane. once travel agent speed you won't notice the speed. >> musk developed pay pal, transitioned space flight to commercial sector, and musk with his engineers developed a tesla electric car. >> what is fascinating to me about elan is of hyper entrepreneurs he says any system would be decades away. it's development, a product not only of engineering but a big project philosophy. >> among billionaires that is what status is. changing the world. be derailed. he foe sees pods leaving every
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30 seconds. and he says today he plans to build a demonstration project. he did not say where. in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> goitsing to stick you in a tube and shoot you through that way. >> the view, weather, as long as i have your arrival. here is a look you can see that we do have rather impres impressive patch of fog there take a look at low clouds near the coast there that are pushing locally over the bay. 79 san jose and loss gat yo.s 55 half moon bay. another view from our south beach camera here beyond the
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bay bridge. other readings 73 in napa. 85 fairfield and concord. 84 in livermore. and now, another view from our mount tam cam roo you can see low clouds mainly near the coast tonight. warmer pattern developing and high temperatures at or above 90 degrees. you can see a dip in the jet stream you can see clouds pulling away tomorrow, mainly sunny afternoon tomorrow, just a little bit warmer as we get couple degrees warmer just
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about each day now. patches of low clouds. here is why that is important. best view in town is between 11:00 p.m. and taun. northeastern sky that will give you that view. okay. tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies in the south bay, mid-80s pin anyone slarks up to 78 in redwood city. mid-60s. downtown san francisco, a high of 68 tomorrow. mid-80s on the east bay. inland east bay, upper 80s to about 90s here is the accu-weather forecast.
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high temperatures low 90s inland. dropping off thursday now cooling down friday and saturday. mid-90s inland. >> all right. thank you. >> well, still ahead an east bay woman buys a million dollar scratch off ticket. >> we're going to hear from the clerk that broke the news to her.
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receive a $5,000 bonus. scratcher game. this year's outed side lands proved to be a big success. the event was a sellout with almost 200,000 tickets sold drawing about 65,000 people each day of the event i was the quickest sellout since outside lands started in 2008. some of the stars included paul mccartney, nine inch nails and the red hot chili apepper autos george lucas and his wife are now parents to a baby girl. the child arrived friday born through a surrogate. lucas and hobson got hitched in june in marin county. addition will join the three adopted children. >> congratulations autos there is more still ahead at 6:00. attorney general holder made major announcements on the war
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on drugs here in the bay area. why he wants to quit throw being many in jail. >> an amber alert surprised a lot of people. the message lawmakers have when it comes to that alert. >> teaching teachers. story of a high tech program at the
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attorney general holder laying out what he called a gnaw approach to enforcing drug law autos' founsed changes today claiming it will save billions and reduce prison overcrowding. >> abc 7 news is here withholder's proposal and reaction. >> and the nation's highest ranking law enforcement officer said today war on drugs isn't working. us cuss no longer try to incars rate wait to maiblging the country safe dwrer. >> speaking to a meeting of the american bar association attorney general8>áholder said criminal charges of some offenders will be changed. >> certain low level
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nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to gangs or cartels will no longer be charged with offenses imposed draconian sentence autos u.s. attorney for california's northern district sat in the front row refused our request for reaction. >> this is something they want destruction. minimum sentencing is wuchbt difficult things they're required to do. >> the da says he's thinking of a state wide initiative reducing simple drug fogs a misdemeanor. >> reducing sentencing to one year i think is the right thing to do holder did not talk about the fact federal law contra the dikts legalizing of medical marijuana
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>> they can't afford number of presidentors they have incars rated. >> saying the population increased the prison population increased by 800% and black males are serving longer sentences than while males convicted of similar crimes. >> this is shameful. it is unworthy of our great country. >> i spoke with vaughn walker he told me he thought maybe he retired too early. sentencing take as way from the bench. the judges will be glad to have it back.
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>> thank you. >> mayor bloomberg vowing to appeal the nypd controversial stop and frisk is unconstitutional. the judge saying it targets unfairly blacks and hispanics. the plaintiffs say they're surprised by the decision. >> this is a very dangerous decision made by a judge that does not understand how policing work autos i'm just thankful for people that believed in us. that we weren't making up these stories. >> the judge ruled policy can continue but will appoint an independent monitor to make sure stops are carried out legally. and bill bratton brought this policy to new york.
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>> a jury convicted former mob boss james whitey bulger today. abc news reporter has the story. country's most notorious criminals today, found guilty of 11 murders as well as extortion and money laundering. >> evidence left no doubt. >> in 1994 he pled boston and spent 16 years on the run. in 2011 his luck ran out. bulger arrested in santa monica, he had been living under a fake name. the trial riveted the tight knit boston community with graphic and emotional testimony from victims' families and former members of
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the winter hill gang. prosecutors describe you will bulger as vicious and calculating as they laid out their case for the nearly two dozen murders they say he committed or ordered. when asked in court if he was making a decision voluntarily he said he didn't get a fair trial, and told the court, quote, you can do what you want with me. >> mr. bulger knew he was going to die behind walls of a prison or on a gurney. >> relatives of the victims were emotional. >> i think there was justice for me. maybe not for some other victims. >> my family has to live every day and the rest of the family have to live every day with the fact that they lost a loved one. >> abc news, washington. >> we're learning more about hannah anderson's ordeal and
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hearing from the teen's father. the 16-year-old rescuesed yesterday after fbi agents shot and killed her suspected kidnapper james dimaggio ending a hunt for them. for the first time law dimaggio fired back at agents when ryeing to capture him. tonight hannah is back with her family. her father spoke with the media. >> heal be will be slow. she's been through a horrific ordeal i'm very proud of her and i/u5$w love her very much. she's surrounded by love of family, friends and community. >> did he matho suspected of killing hannah's mother and 8-year-old brother. hahn yaz was not aware until after the rescue. >> well a state wide amber alert set off smart phones in the middle of the night. many not understanding this aflirt. it prompted complaints and a review by lawmakers.
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and worried some may opt out of the system. california's first state wide amber alert startled a lot of people kplints include the loud sleek and receiving the message multiple times. for abduction of san diego county teen hannah anderson. and authorities credit the emergency system. >> the this can help save smn's live. amber alerts are used stayed wide. today, 656 lives, today, now, 657. >> some may find it allowing. please pay attention. let's bring children tomorrow holme. >> did you the sound motivated people owe opt fought from smart phones. an online poll by a san diego newspaper conducted the day after at lert found one third
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of the respondents would disability the -- disable the feature, the alert is not just for missing american but for danger like a wildfire close to homes. speaker john perez promises a hearing this naul to make the system better encouraging people to keep it on. >> this being our first experience in california instead of people going and deactivating we want to learn from frustration autos some do not want alerts on. >> because i believe it's crazy how the government has access to our phones and can just send out to everyone. >> the÷
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he thinks there is a way to disable the sound while you're sleeping. tonight money matters dow slipped to 15,419. nasdaq up nine points. partially due to a report that said apple would announce a new phone. black berry says it will consider selling the company after release of the new phones once, remember, the dominant smart phone until the iphone came along. black berry stock closed 10% higher today on the announcement of a(sq phone shall sale. >> just head can a household item help protect from you west nile virus? >> coming up, talking with experts about whether a fan can repel mosquitoes.
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eerks with k.a slight breeze ro pro detective from mosquitoes? >> that is a claim being made on the internet. so michael finney put it to
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the test. >> it seems too easy. set up a fan, and mosquitoes can't bite you. really? let's find out. it's a beautiful day to hang out talking with friends. but then... unwanted guests show up. mosquitoes. now these guys are just play acting there are no mosquitoes biting them or flying around. ah, but there are mosquitoes. brought to a party by deborah from the vector control district. >> no! >> she is showing us mosquitoes up close, and personal. and giving our group here a >> the males don't bite us. the females need blood for eggs. >> i've asked her here to either confirm or dispel a internet mosquito hack online there are people who swear you p mosquito as way with
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a simple household fan. is that true? >> when you have direct wind mosquitoes have a hard time fly sog a brisk breeze is the key. also, the mosquito finds us by how we smell and carbon dioxide we breathe w that wind on us, it gets confused and stays out of the area. doesn't know where to find use so it works. well with, the risk of west nile virus and other diseases carried by mosquitoes, the cdc recommends using one of three repellent autos one of three products one has deet in it. one has a lemon of oil yub liptus. okay. now, the wig bigger the fan and smaller the area you're trying to keep way from, better chances of achieving this. now, turns out many mosquitoes
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just are not very good flyers so a little bit of wind can keep the wind. >> they're better blood sucker autos correct. >> good to know, thank you. >> still ahead how a cutting edge progr
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california is one of 26 states joining forces to improve science education. the group came up with big changes in how science activities taught from kindergarten to high school. the board expected to adopt standards this fall and likely implemented the following school year some teachers are not waiting around. you may know exploratorium as hands on museum but it is a cutting edge training site for teachers. it has run a summer training program more than 25 years. >> this is called a scope.
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>> so popular, the school has to turn away every two out of three teachers who apply. timing is perfect. california is getting new science standards for all grades and teachers have to learn to put them into action. >> so happy to see the new standards. >> these new standards call for more hands on learning with interactive lessons. focus on making sure students have knowledge and thinking skills for job autos finally emphasis isn't going to be as much on what scientists know, but what they do. >> that could be expensive supplies but exploratorium showing teachers how to create meaningful experiment was every day materials and free
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resources this, web site allows users to make stop action animation. the camera taking still pictures. the teechlers pose for crazy movies. it's science. >> they're modeling physics doing constant velocity. the standards include engineering. >> i might look and wonder as a scientist how does that work? an engineer goes how can i make that better? >> denise teaches junior high and has been to the institute before, now, she's back to get engineering instruction. this experiment involves solar cells and little motors that spin. >> to learn to get rejuvenated for the year. >> teachers attend free and get a small stipend. you can see they're supposed
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to be learning as soon as a child arrives some can't resist switching back into teacher mode. >> isn't that fabulous? >> i love it. >> if you're a teacher interested in applying we have a link on abc 7 >> see? i wish it was like that when i was a kid. i would have known something there, spencer. would have been smart like you i had teachers that made learning fub fun. i learned a little something. tomorrow, a sun eye day. high temperatures 90 degrees and here is the accu-weather forecast. three days of inland temperatures or higher.
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temperatures bouncing back sunday and monday. >> baseball, football, all kinds of stuff. >> yes. this is a funny story. if it's monday adam rosales must be a ranger or athletic? we'll explore and back to the future jim harbaugh on
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good evening, score board watching has begun for a's finishing up their four game series today. the red sox opened a srdz tomorrow, you see johnny gomes on the left. chris young starts with a bang. a chopper bare handed. this is jed laurie from his heels.
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nate fryman with a stretch josh donald son scoring in the 9th staying one back of texas in the west because rangers beat houston today which is kind of easy to do. robby grossman foul tipped in the sixth. a no hitter into the 8th. darvish does get the win. funny here, adam rosales probably doesn't know who to route for. he's been with oakland most of the year. they released him august 2. rangers claimed him.
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he switched club houses they let him go three days later dangers reclaimed him today so he's pack with texas for, i don't know how long, we'll see. he's in the making future plans friday night going to be different. 49ers face alex smith smith was td savor and then, skait goet then, the leader then injured and replace bid collin kaepernick. coach harbaugh expressed admiration.
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>> it's personal. you know? feel like there is a great friendship there. a lot of histry. you snow he wants to win. we do as well. >> there is a first time for everything. you're right. we never got a chance to hit him. this time, we can. >> that is the guy. >> yes. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hard wire join me tonight on cable channel 136789 coming up, plant various threat. growing threat facing the wine industry. the flight that is not setting well with survivors.
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>> that is abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here is our first group of semifinalists -- a high-school social-studies teacher from tacoma, washington... ...a 3rd-grade teacher from new york, new york... ...and a high-school chemistry teacher from charlottesville, virginia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, everyone. it's the middle of the week, but it's also the first of our three semifinal games. these are sudden-victory games. only the winner gets to come back to play on monday and tuesday of next week for $100,000. so, michael, whitney, and john, i hope you're up to the task. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round.
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and here, we reveal the categories, starting off with... followed by... different spellings for gray, obviously. and... michael, start us. let's go to "tw" for $200, alex. john. what is tweak? "tweak" is the word. let's go with 5 shades of gr(e/a)y for $200. whitney. who is j. edgar hoover? right. gr(e/a)y for $400, please. michael. what are mars and venus? yes. let's go to "tw" for $400


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